Pineapple sliced into small quarters with popsicle sticks pushed into the bottoms.

Summer Snack Ideas for Kids

Summer is here and that means kids will be out of school enjoying the great outdoors more often. What a fun time of the year! Being outside means running around burning more calories along with increased sun exposure. Proper nourishment is important with all this activity, so here’s 10 quick and easy snacks that are fun and nutritional. Let’s get kids excited about eating healthier foods this summer!

10 Summer Snacks for Kids

  1. Get them excited about blueberries – Take a look online for fun snack ideas for kids and you will see blueberries in many recipes. Why? They are delicious and nutritious. Try Minion Food Art:
  2. Watermelon with a twist – Serve your child’s watermelon snack as a pizza. Put other healthy fruits on top of the watermelon and serve it like you would a slice of mini pizza.
  3. Make cucumber sandwiches – What will your child eat between two cucumbers? Try circles of toasted bread with a spreadable cheese.
  4. Cherry tomatoes in a clear plastic bag – Are you in a hurry and need something on the go? Tomatoes contain vitamin C, biotin, vitamin K, potassium and folate. Pop them like candy (if you can get your child to do it).
  5. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies – We all could use a little chocolate in our lives.
  6. Yogurt parfaits – These are a quick and easy snack for any age. Try one for breakfast!
  7. Make fruit skewers with your child – This is fun and tasty. Getting children excited about what they eat is half the battle. The other half is making sure they actually eat it. Getting them involved can help with both.
  8. Pineapple popsicle sticks – Put on a stick, freeze and go!
  9. Introduce them to hummus – Depending on how brave your child is, they could find that they absolutely love hummus like many adults. Pita bread, hummus and carrots will make an excellent snack.
  10. Fun fruit cups – pre make fruit cups with your child’s favorite fruit. Easy is key here. Just grab and serve.

There are many healthy summer treat ideas for kids. Just keep in mind that your child will need extra calories and increased water intake. Having healthy snacks readily available is a great idea. And don’t feel guilty if you end up helping your child eat these fun and easy treats. You could benefit from it, too. Have a fun and safe summer.

Editor’s Note: Consider adding a daily multivitamin into your child’s regimen. Try 21st Century® Zoo Friends® Multi Gummies to supplement your daily vitamin needs.* These gummies with naturally sourced fruit flavors taste great too!