Thanksgiving dinner plated and looking delicious.

Thanksgiving Recipes for all Dietary Needs

If there’s any word to describe Thanksgiving, it’s indulgent. While a holiday best known for expressing gratitude, we cannot deny that this time of the year guides us to some not-so-healthy food.

While we’re advocates for treating yourself, we know that not everyone’s diet is compatible with turkey, butter, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. So, this time of year can be incredibly challenging for those with dietary restrictions.

Well, we have good news— we have you covered with delicious Thanksgiving recipes for specific dietary needs! Just because you’re paleo, keto, vegan, or gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to skip out on all the fun this year!

Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes
Paleo, which is also known as the caveman diet, is all about meat, fish, vegetables, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, and oil while avoiding processed foods and most dairy products.

Check out these delicious recipes for a paleo-friendly Thanksgiving:

Keto Thanksgiving Recipes
Those on the keto diet eat mostly fats, a moderate amount of protein, and very minimal carbohydrates. While Thanksgiving can be a tempting time to indulge, these recipes will make saying no to the carbs easier than ever!


Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes
Vegan and Thanksgiving generally don’t go together— what is a vegan supposed to eat at a dinner that’s centrally focused on meat?

Well, contrary to popular belief, there’s an immense amount of delicious vegan dishes that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Check out these recipes below that will even make your meat-eating friends and family jealous!


Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes
Some of the biggest Thanksgiving staples have gluten right at the very center of it. From stuffing to green bean casserole and dinner rolls to pumpkin pie, having a gluten-free diet during Thanksgiving can be a little bit of a nightmare.

But, not to worry, these yummy gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes will hit the spot!