A couple snuggling on the beach watching the sunset.

15 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to express your love to your partner. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day with your partner or your fifth, these date night ideas will make you feel like you’re on your first date all over again.

15 Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas:

  1. Scavenger Hunt
    Set up 5 to 10 clues that your partner will find. Put the first clue on the kitchen table and let the hunt begin! Each clue will lead your partner to a different place where they will find the next clue. Clue cute memories and inside jokes. Make sure the last clue leads your partner to you--whether you’re at home, at your favorite restaurant or a beautiful lookout with a bottle of wine.

  2. Your own outdoor movie theater
    Skip the actual movie theater and set up a projector and a sheet in your backyard! Place some cushions, blankets and a small table with some snacks and wine (of course). Don’t forget the fairy lights and some candles for added ambience!

  3. Couples massage
    Surely, you both are busy and would love to unwind with a massage. Why not do it together?

  4. Wine tasting
    Schedule a wine tasting in advance at your favorite local winery. A winery with a view gets extra brownie points!

  5. Check out your local museums
    Set up a day to visit some museums and art exhibits that you and your partner may be normally too busy to see.

  6. Take a night or weekend getaway
    Is there a town or city close by that you’ve been dying to check out? Then do it! A hotel stay in a new place screams romance, especially on Valentine’s Day!

  7. Spa day
    Want to splurge a little on your partner? Then spend the day at the spa! What’s more romantic then spending the day in robes in and out of saunas, hot tubs and massages?

  8. Create your own self-care day
    Don’t want the expense of a spa? Then create your own! Give your partner your best massage, run a bath with essential oils and flowers, make your own bellinis, light some candles...you get the idea!

  9. Go for a hike or a walk
    Think about the natural beauty of where you live. Take a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains or a stroll down the river. Being in nature together can spark some serious romance.

  10. Make dinner and dessert together
    You don’t need to spend to show your love. Choose a dinner and dessert recipe that you both enjoy and spend the night making dinner together.

  11. Check out your local adventures
    Hot air balloon rides? Snowboarding? Skydiving? Sledding? Ice skating? For all you adventure seekers, check out what your local area has to offer and go for it!

  12. Go out to dinner where you had your first date
    Even if it’s a hamburger shack, going back to your first date spot can spark some serious romantic memories.

  13. Enroll in a workshop together
    Whether it’s a jewelry making class, a mug painting course or a cooking class, learning something new together can be a beautiful bonding experience.

  14. Camping
    What’s more romantic than sitting around a fire, staring at the stars and roasting marshmallows? This is a perfect way to spend some alone time together away from your everyday distractions.

  15. Have a potluck
    Not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, but still want to spend it with your partner? Then, have a pot luck with your couple friends! This way, you’re still celebrating without putting the pressure on romance.