Girl sitting at table drinking water.

4 Healthy Life Habits to Adopt

As the year comes to a close, many of us are considering the changes we want to make for the new year. The term “New Year’s Resolutions” often conjures up memories of gym memberships sitting dormant by mid-March or impractical diets. The issue with resolutions is that they often require a drastic life change or impose on your life in a way that just doesn’t work. Instead, focus on new, healthy habits that won’t turn your world upside down.

Healthy lifestyle habits can seem daunting when we look at the big picture, but the truth is, it all boils down to simple habits. Breaking down big goals into baby steps is a more realistic and encouraging approach toward living the life you want. Below are our top 4 habits that can help you be healthier, without completely changing your lifestyle.

4 Healthy Life Habits to Adopt

1. Eat something green every day
If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: eat your vegetables! However, many of us fall short of our 5 daily servings. Instead of beating yourself up for missing out, make it a goal to put at least one green thing on your plate every day. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to add more vegetables to your meals regularly.

2. Adopt a life-long learner mentality
Have you ever watched a young child as they learn a new skill? Their confidence surges and they light up the room with their excitement. Somewhere along the way, the love of learning can dim, and we can lose the drive to continue growing and learning. Set aside some time weekly or even monthly to focus on your growth, whether it’s in your profession or just in a personal interest. Not only will you feel great, you’ll set a good example to those around you.

3. Drink more water
If you’re falling short of your daily water requirement (and many of us are), make a commitment in 2019 to improve your hydration. Start by tracking your daily intake, and then focus on slowly adding more, until you’ve built the habit into your day.

4. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier
15 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time until you’re reaching for the snooze button on your alarm clock the next morning. Most of us would probably say we could use more sleep. Until you’re ready to commit to going to bed much earlier, 15 minutes is a good start. It’s a small enough change that won’t drastically upset your nightly routine, but it’s enough time to make a difference. Going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night will add up to more than 91 hours of extra sleep in 2019!

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