Family playing outside in the snow.

5 Great Winter Activities to Try with Your Family

As the temperatures dip, it’s easier to just stay indoors all day. The cold air is less enticing and the idea of having to bundle up may sound like too much work, especially if you have toddlers. None-the-less, it’s important for you and your family to get outside regularly for fresh air and sunlight. The trick is finding some great outdoor winter activities that you and your family just can’t say no to. So, open your mind, get the appropriate outdoor gear, and let the adventure begin!

5 Great Winter Activities to Try with Your Family

1. Build an igloo/fort/snowman
Next time one of your kids asks for your help building a snowman, go ahead and indulge your inner child. The nostalgia of the activity might be just enough to lure you out of your slippers and into your snow boots. Plus, you can purchase snowman or igloo accessory kits at your favorite retailer that add the finishing touches to the collaborative family masterpiece.

2. Go on a nature hike
Hiking is an activity usually reserved for the other three seasons of the year, but a winter nature hike can be beautiful. Not only is hiking a great option for a low-impact activity suitable for the whole family, but it can also be a great opportunity to educate your kids about their environment. You’ll see an array of birds and plants you may not notice during the other seasons.

3. Create a snow maze
Let your creativity go wild on this activity. Next time you get a deep snow, use your snow shovels to create a maze, and then time each family member as they wander through the maze. The fastest person wins the opportunity to create the next maze.

4. Make snow paint
Indulge your inner artist with homemade snow paint! Simply add food coloring to water and fill up a squeeze bottle. The kids will love squirting colors on an icy canvas and you can decorate your igloo walls too.

5. Go snowshoeing
When the snow gets too deep to hike, it’s time to break out the snowshoes. Snowshoeing is a low-impact aerobic activity that the whole family can enjoy. Snowshoes and poles are relatively inexpensive, or you could research rental options near you.

Whether you’re a winter weather enthusiast or you would prefer to hibernate until spring, you can make getting outdoors as a family a priority this year. Who knows? While you’re digging through the snow, you may uncover a new affinity for colder weather.