A red coffee cup filled with coffee next to an analog clock and newspaper.

Daylight Saving Survival Guide

Mark your calendars and your clocks for Daylight Saving on March 11. At 2 a.m., the clock will jump immediately to 3 a.m., moving an hour of daylight from morning to night for the upcoming summer months. 

Daylight Saving is bittersweet. It symbolizes that summer is finally on its way and gives us an extra hour of sunlight while we are out and about enjoying life. But, if you’re not one for waking up in the dark or really value a full night’s sleep, then Daylight Saving will most likely interrupt your inner schedule. This actually rings true for most Americans, as statistics show losing just one hour of sleep causes a surge in car crashes during the time switch for Daylight Saving. To stay fresh and alert during this yearly time change, check out these survival guide tips.

1. On the day of Daylight Saving, go to sleep an hour earlier.
On March 11, you will lose an entire hour of sleep during the night. If you know you strictly need 8 hours of sleep, then make sure you go to bed early to make up for the lost hour. This way, losing an hour won’t affect you the next day!

2. Eat dinner earlier.
On the day of Daylight Saving, make sure you also eat dinner earlier. Our bodies use food as a signal for our internal clock, so by eating dinner an hour earlier, you’re prepping your body for an earlier slumber.

3. Get committed to your morning routine.
Everything has an element of yin and yang. Most of us are excited that we get an extra hour of sunlight during the day, but not many of us are thrilled that we have to wake up in the dark. Since the sun is a natural signifier to wake up, it will be challenging to get out of bed when it’s pitch-black outside. To conquer this hurdle, it’s important to establish your morning routine and be committed. Starting your day with some yoga, for example, can help you get acclimated to waking up before the sun starts shining.

4. If the going gets tough, take a nap.
There’s no shame in taking a cat nap on March 11 to help you get acclimated to Daylight Saving. This time change was purposely designed to fall on a Sunday for this exact reason!