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Penny Pinching Wellness - Don’t Sacrifice on Quality

Times have been challenging for everyone lately, unlike anything we’ve seen before. With the current state of the economy, goods have become more expensive than they used to be. That doesn’t mean you should put your health on the backburner, and you definitely shouldn’t sacrifice quality at the risk of your health. That’s why, at 21st Century HealthCare, we offer a variety of quality vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, and herbal dietary supplements with formulas comparable to those of national brands – without the budget-breaking price tag. Check out a few of our customer favorites below and see where you can save.

A daily multivitamin supports your day-to-day nutrient deficiencies when you don’t have the time to get square meals. It contains an array of essential vitamins and minerals to help balance your daily nutritional needs. 21st Century carries targeted formulas to support the specific needs of children, men, women, and senior health. There’s an option available for everyone! Our top sellers in this category are our Sentry and Sentry Sr multivitamins that compare to Centrum formulas and you can find these daily budget savers and more here.

Challenging times can also mean having a challenging time falling asleep. Taking a melatonin gummy 30 minutes before bed is a great way to promote relaxation and sleep after a hectic or stressful day.* 21st Century’s VitaJoy® brand offers a delicious strawberry-flavored melatonin gummy made with natural flavors and colors that is vegetarian and gluten free. For those of you that don’t want the added sugar that comes along with gummies, there are easy to swallow tablet options too. Find these great sleep support* products here.

Now is not the time to be skipping out on your daily immune support, and our ImmuBlast® chewable is a great way to keep up.* Besides having 1,000 mg of vitamin C, it also has antioxidant vitamins A, C and E and essential minerals Zinc and Selenium. Another great option for daily immune health support is our VitaJoy Elderberry Sambucus gummies.* These vegetarian, pectin-based elderberry gummies also contain vitamin C and Zinc along with natural antioxidants. You can find these and more great immune health products here.

Vitamin D, also known as your sunshine vitamin, plays an important role in aiding the absorption of calcium in your body.* It also supports your immune health and bones and teeth; it’s a little powerhouse of goodness.* Most of us do not get enough vitamin D from our diet or daily multivitamins, so need added vitamin D support. Check out our extensive offerings here. Whether you are looking for 10 mcg or 250 mcg, in a tablet, softgel or gummy, we’ve got you covered.

Your health is the most important investment you can make for yourself, and vitamins are an easy way to get the little boost of daily support you need, but don’t sacrifice quality to save money. Trust our over thirty years of experience and trusted reputation for quality, we have always been 100% committed to providing only the finest products available.

These are just a few of our great products available at a great value. Find out more about us and our commitment to our customers here.

By Contributing Author: Addison Rop