Young man sitting in his living room working on a laptop.

Staying Productive While Working from Home

Due to the spread of coronavirus, we are all experiencing an unprecedented shift in our daily lives. If you’ve found yourself working from home, you may be surprised that it’s not exactly what you expected.

Between unlimited distractions, a sudden change-up in your schedule, and a new-found need to be your own boss, staying productive while working from home may not be a walk in the park. But working in your sweatpants is still a huge plus!

Unlocking your productivity while working from home doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With these productivity hacks, you’ll be able to better focus in the comfort of your own home with ease.

Create a schedule with time blocking
Outlining your day-to-day is the best way to keep yourself accountable and on top of your to-do list. From the start to the end of your day, block out times for specific tasks, including your morning routine, breaks, workouts, and, of course, work.

While we’re on the topic of morning routines, now is a better time than ever to implement one in your life. Morning routines are known for inspiring productivity and setting the tone for your day, which can be incredibly influential if you’re struggling to stay productive while working from home.

Make time for movement
It’s easy to sit down all day, especially now since most of us are confined to our homes. But, if you want to be productive, you still have to prioritize movement into your daily schedule.

This doesn’t mean you have to run for miles every day. You can do yoga, enjoy a leisurely stroll outside, or take an online workout class. There’s no wrong way to invite movement into your life; you simply have to commit to it (which is why schedule blocking is crucial).

Take breaks when necessary
Even though you’re working at home, you’re still working. Keep yourself accountable, but also be easy on yourself and take breaks when necessary.

Plus, breaks are like hitting the reset button on our minds, helping to influence productivity and creativity.