Top view of kids sitting with notebooks and computers.

Supplements for Back-to-School Wellness

We aren't sure if it's the combination of fun notebooks and special pens, the changing seasons, or just the mere prospect of new beginnings, but preparing for the school year is always an exciting time. The fresh start puts an electric buzz in the air...that soon fizzles out once the schedule adjustments and strenuous coursework take their toll. Keep an extra pep (or three) in your child's step and stay ahead of common colds and stress burnout with this age-appropriate back-to-school support list.

Elementary School:
Morphing out of those slower summer days to early school mornings, extracurriculars, and the seemingly never-ending homework cycle can be tiring and stressful for everyone--including your child! By nature, busier days typically lead to less nutritious meals. Incorporating a high-quality multivitamin and/or vitamin C supplement is an easy way to ensure your child gets the recommended nutrients to support a healthy immune system and properly fuel their active days.*

High-School and College:
Young adults are constantly on the move. And we know too well, they're only getting started with those hectic schedules. Keep these four supplements nearby to help support your (not so) little one from study time to bedtime.

Cognition: Is it really a back-to-school support list if we don't mention brainpower? We didn't think so. Along with getting a good night's sleep, it's no secret a healthy diet and exercise are the first stop for keeping a sharp mind. You can also support your young adult's focus, memory, and overall brain function with supplements like ginkgo biloba extract.* In addition to supporting brain, memory and mental performance, ginkgo biloba provides other health benefits making a great herbal supplement for young adults to have on hand.*

Stress: The jumps from high school to college are demanding, and there's a significant learning curve (no pun intended) between each environment. The homework, papers, and exams flow constantly, and trying to keep up with the requirements can cause nutrition to go out the window--right when it's needed the most! Adding a B vitamin and Zinc supplement is a super simple way to provide the additional nutrition required to support energy levels during times of added stressors.*

Digestion: Extra freedom in high school and college can lead to learning time management, harvesting a love of learning, but, frankly, fewer nutritious meals. Missing out on healthy meal choices can lead to an irregular digestive system, or simply put--an unhappy gut. These symptoms range from annoying to downright painful. The gut is related to the immune system! Regularly consuming foods containing probiotics, like yogurt and kombucha, or by taking a probiotic supplement to properly support the immune system and digestive function.* If you choose the supplement route, pick one that contains a prebiotic in addition to live probiotic cultures to get the most bang for your healthy gut buck.

Sleep: Getting quality sleep with a noisy roommate or pre-test nerves can seem nearly impossible. However impossible it may feel, there's no denying catching zzz's is essential to the learning process, and poor sleep is actually associated with lower academic achievement. Using a natural sleep supplement like melatonin or valerian root can help you ditch the tossing and turning and support class performance.*

​​Before trying any supplements, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider first to determine which are right for your (and your families) unique needs.