Children running to hug grandparents

Top 10 Things We Love About Our Grandparents

Grandparents didn’t earn the “grand” in their names for being anything short of spectacular. To most children, grandma and grandpa are truly grand (as in magnificent). After all, grandparents are always happy to see them, they bake their favorite treats, play their favorite games, and read their most beloved books (over and over again) with a smile, and, to top it off, they give the best hugs.

Since they first earned the title of “grand” parent, they have loved their grandchildren unconditionally and, believe it or not, they always will. There are hundreds of reasons why grandparents are incredible. The fact that they always have butterscotch candy being one of them, but here are the top 10 things we love about grandparents.

Grandparents say “Yes!”
It almost seems like grandparents are trying to make up for all the “No’s” they said as parents by saying “Yes” to nearly everything. Can I have a third piece of cake? Yes! Can I stay up late? Yes! Can I have a cookie for breakfast? Yes! Can we play Memory for the 100th time today? Absolutely! It’s almost a given that if mom and dad say no, grandma or grandpa will magically turn that “no” into a “yes”.

They tell the best stories!
Not only do grandparents have the most embarrassing stories about your parents, they can also take us back in time with stories from their younger years. And on the rare occasion that your grandparents are out of stories, they make up the best fiction.

They make amazing babysitters!
While grandparents and parents might not see eye to eye on sugar and bedtime, they can agree that grandparents are, hands down, the best babysitters. Kids are always excited when they know that they’re getting a grandma and grandpa sleepover, meaning parents can have a guilt-free night out or weekend trip while knowing the kids are probably having more fun than they are.

Their house is full of cool stuff!
Exploring your grandparent’s house is almost like walking through a museum. Vintage clothes? Check! Old video camera? Check! Telescope? Check! Embarrassing photos of your parents? Check, check, check! Most grandparents tend to hold on to LOTS of stuff, so you are bound to find an abundance of cool things.

You’ll never go hungry (and the candy jar is never empty).
Is there anything that grandma can’t make? From apple pie to homemade chocolate chip cookies and that tasty casserole everyone loves, there is nothing quite like grandma’s kitchen. Not only is she the best cook, but she is more than happy to make it her life’s mission to ensure that you always have something tasty (and sweet) to eat.

They are great listeners.
From the time grandkids could speak, you can guarantee that there is a grandparent close by listening intently to every single word. As the years go by, grandparents seamlessly transition from listening to your ABCs and 123s to your latest interests and achievements to your hopes and dreams. And they are your biggest supporters every step of the way.

They give great advice.
Grandparents know best and for a good reason. Not only do they want the best for you, but they’ve been around awhile and have likely faced similar situations and if not, their years of wisdom afford them with great advice from life, money, and relationships, and everything in between.

They spoil you rotten!
Grandparents are great at many things but hiding that their world revolves around you is NOT one of them! If you’re spending time with grandma and grandpa, you can guarantee that that time will be spent getting spoiled… with hugs, attention, time, food, and love!

They’re adorable when trying to learn the newest technology.
If you haven’t tried to teach your grandparents how to use a smartphone, use social media, or check their email, you have missed out! Facetime with grandparents can be exceptionally fun.

Their love.
Yes, they spoil you rotten, let you eat lots of sugar, and stay up late, but the best thing about grandparents is their unconditional love.

On Grandparents Day, and every day, don’t forget to hug your grandparents, remind them how much you love them and send them pictures. Grandparents love pictures!